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"I had the carpet at my new home cleaned yesterday and I am blown away!

Initially I didn't think the carpet looked that dirty, but after our
technician Derek got done the comparison was jaw dropping.  My entire
experience with your company has been nothing short of top notch from
beginning to end.  All of the staff I have worked with has been extremely
knowledgeable, friendly and very professional.  Not only that, but the
experience felt personal, like I was in the hands of a friend I could trust.
Derek was outstanding!  He took the time to go over my needs, make
recommendations for additional services that would help to protect our
carpet based on our lifestyle and pets.  He didn't use high pressure sales
tactics either and treated me and my home with nothing but the utmost
respect.  I could go on all day about how amazing I think your company,
services and staff are, but will stop with just a simple thank you for an
amazing job well done!"

Michele S. 



“It is a great company with excellent service. I was very pleased with the results! The carpet was in bad shape and they removed every stain. The carpet looked like new when they were finished. I will recommend this company to my family and friends.”

Kenny Faulkner


   "Color restored on rug-Astonishing."

  Marye Finsand


  " I had my carpets cleaned on tuesday, may 20th and they looked great! the two young gentleman who came to clean were very pleasent and professional. i also wanted to let you know that i recieved your name from my friend who also uses your services. i will definitely call again when they are ready to be cleaned once again"

 Tammy Gregory


"The Carpet is clean, looks good, it even smells better"


Frank James

  "Technicians showed me the difference in the dirty part of the carpet to the clean part. Have been very pleased! Keep up the great work!

Sarah Abbey


"I just want to thank you once again for the professional work you provided us at (address) Last week! I've always been impressed with the carpet cleaning that New Life has provided meat both my home and rental property, but this was the first need we had for your water drying expertise, and I am thrilled with your work!

Jane G.


  "Men cleaning our carpets were outstanding!"


  Elizabeth Nelson


"When I Inherited this carpet, not knowing it's history, I needed to find a reliable cleaner for a thorough cleaning, it's protection, and renewed beauty. You at New Life have done such a wonderful job and my old rug is so refreshed that it could hardly have been better looking brand new. Thank you New Life for such a caring staff and superior equipment to produce such wonderful results."


Kathryn Bale

"Very professional, friendly & knowledgeable technicians; knows how to clean carpet, experienced and honest; I didn't feel like they were taking advantage. carpets now look 100% better! I have berber in the den very dirty from general use and pets I didn't think they would ever come clean but New Life got them clean!


Elise Wallace

    "Very friendly and helpful. Brad did an excellent job and answered many questions i had. happy with brads personality."


    Karen Kinman

“Excellent job! I was amazed to see you get out stubborn stains-like kids paint and grape juice. The carpet looks brand new!”

Linda Fintress

“My carpet looks great. You were on time, did a good job, friendly, neat, hard working, and told the truth about work. Will do what I ask, makes me feel good about your work when you are gone”.

Mary Odgen

“Very impressed. Very professional. Would definably recommend to my family and friends. They took time to let us know what he would do. Let us look after he had done an area so we could see what the carpet was going to look like when finished. A clean carpet. No stains! Our carpet is old and the living room heavily stained and all of the stains are gone! I'm impressed and a customer forever. Also, they were prompt right at 4:30 which is very important to me.”

Terry Willoughby

"I liked the personal service and the time and effort he put into my carpets. He's running a great business"


Jacquie R. 


"Rooms were newly painted and there was not a mark on them after the carpets were cleaned. A very careful job. Arrived exactly when promised. Didn't have to wait aroundfor him. He was polite, informative, and very careful"


James D. 



“Staff knowledgeable, friendly, professional: A positive impression. Area that I had cleaned did not have soil reappearance as had been my experience with other cleaners. I have clean carpet, pride in my home...A place to enjoy...”

Janet Parker

“I like the prompt service - the technician came right on time. Also appreciate carpet care tips.”

Jamie Dewitt

“Very polite and honest and did a great job. The gentlemen took extra efforts to get the spots out of my carpet in the dining room. He also gave me suggestions on how to avoid spotting in this area. It was suggested that I apply a teflon protective coat on my carpet. I did and it worked. At my daughters birthday party, mud was tracked all through my house. Because of the protective coat that I had applied, the mud came up with no problem.”

Shannon Conley



"A pleasant company to deal with; no big sales pitches and deceptive tactics."

Donna Fogle



"Your cleaning technicians always do a superb job of cleaning my carpets...last friday, Derek & Brad worked diligently to provide a great service for me. They were very courteous and a pleasure to have working in my home."

Dorothy Finch



"Would like to tell everyone what a great job these guys did, right from the start when I called I was very  informed about the way they cleaned, what they cleaned, etc. I never expected the service received-very professional; protected my walls, floors, and did a really great job. Thank you!"

Deb Keal



"...It is a very honest, reliable company. Derek & Elvis did a great job and were very helpful"

Mary Lamb


"Your company has an excellent reputation for providing good value for the money spent. Your employees are efficient, hardworking, and professional in appearance and manner"

Maribeth Ahne


"I was incredibly impressed with your service. I have had my carpets cleaned several times before, but they were never cleaned as thoroughly. You removed stains left behind by previous companies"

Heather Wright


"...Equipment used in my home was in clean condition and good working order (very important). New truck that was recently washed-good image presentation"

Vince Helm


"I had a coupon from the birth of my child to have her carpet cleaned for free, I thought that was a great deal and her carpet looks great!"

Angela L. 

"Did a good job. Dependable....Called when you were going to be a few minutes late. I appreciated that"

Carlene B. 


"Trustworthy, dependable, great prices"

Patricia Collier


"Best carpet cleaners that we have used....Techs very knowledgeable and nice"

Patricia Hennessee


"Clean equipment, clean employees, better than other services I have tried"

Terry Johnson


"The technicians were very professional, intelligent, and knowledgeable. Willing to go the extra mile in satisfaction"

Marilyn Miles


"A word of thanks to your company...courteous, hard-working, my carpet smelled clean and looked great. I will call again and tell my friends."

Joyce Cantrell


In a letter to their insurance company, one customer writes:

"I want to let you know how fantastic my experience with New Life Cleaning and Emergency has been. I called them before 8am on friday morning to report my flooded basement....They had someone on the scene within a couple of hours and immediately took charge of the situation. They had the basement cleared of the furniture, the pad removed, and the drying process started in very short order. In fact, they have been able to save the carpet downstairs because of their fast work. 

They have delivered on every promise they have made. They have worked with Farm Bureau and they have worked with me to make my experience as painless as possible. The work they have done has been exceptional and they have kept me informed every step of the way. What has really impressed me has been their ability to complete the entire job of drying and repair. I did not have to call in other companies to help. 

I wanted you to know how pleased we are with this company. And I want you to know that I would recommend them to anyone who ran into similar issues we encountered."

James Driver


"It was a definite bonus when the coupon carpet cleaning company didn't show up at the appointed time to clean our carpet- they never called, so we looked in the yellow pages for a more reliable professional and the most pleasant woman answering your calls scheduled our job for 8am the following morning.

We have 2 cats and 8 dogs, so our cleaning is a challenge-and Mark Sears came personally to tackle the job. He answered all our questions with sincerity and integrity, accomplished the removal of tough pet stains and odor- In addition he steam cleaned the bedroom at no charge. If every service professional had Mark's attitude and integrity, the world would be a much better place. We will definitely be booking future appointments-and even get on a regular schedule- We love Mark Sears. He's serious about "CLEAN"! Thank you so much!



"Excellent removal of stains- and they aren't coming back. It seems like the carpets are truly "clean"...."I like the plastic under the legs of my loveseat to avoid staining the carpet, Also the the styrofoam under the furniture to avoid staining on my carpet. Great idea."

Denise Gater


"You work extra hard to clean spots out of carpet. especially the friendly, kind attitude. Means a lot. Other carpet cleaners make you feel bad that your carpet is dirty.....My carpet always looks new when you leave and you don't mind answering questions that I have concerning the care and wear of my carpet."

Cheryl Blevins


"Better educated about my carpets and how to care for them. Also, I appreciated knowing a little more about steam vs. dry or chemical cleaning- I can be a more educated consumer and I like that a lot!"

Jennifer Park


"Excellent company....I trust you completely in my home and I appreciate your professionalism...2 cleanings ago my husband had just finished painting the family room and there were droplets of paint everywhere. You had a challenge in cleaning up his mess and you weren't satisfied until it was up!"

Terry Nisbet


"The first I've ever had my carpets professionally cleaned that they were actually CLEAN   , The after cleaning instructions were great...I never really knew when to return the house back to "normal"

Pat Allred


"I've only had one experience (with your company)..but the carpets had several stains that I wasn't sure would come out. I had tried many things on the pet stains in the basement, nothing worked. But you were able to get them out"

Laurie Profit


"I appreciate your willingness to share information with me that will help me prolong the life of my carpet on a daily basis"

Vicki Luciano



"I very much appreciate Mark taking time to point out specific areas of my carpet that would require extra attention, Why that was so, and what he would do to help remve the stain" 


Lisa Williams


"I have a very old carpet that has a lot of traffic and some pet stains, and everytime you clean it, it comes out looking like new....Very professional, very thorough, always on time, your staff is also very knowledgable about your products"


Ralph Stasiak


"Courteous, efficient, prompt-all the qualities necessary to recommend you to others.."


Mary Bledsoe


"Personable, friendly, reasonably priced.."


Linda Campbell


"Outstanding service & efficient job. Very Impressed. With 5 children, our carpets take some wear & tear.Your treatment restored their appearance in a dramatic fashion"


Michael Gowens


"Your guys go out of their way to please."


Lana J.


"Good explanation of procedure...efficient, professional staff."


Cindy P.


"I feel you want to do the best job possible, so I will use you again. You are the only carpet service I have used more than once- very pleased with the service I have received."


Kathy R.


"Mark and his assistant both seemed like getting my carpet and upholstery clean was really important to them as well. Mark is very experienced in his business. It was a pleasure having you come into my home, and i look forward ot my next visit. I will never use anyone else for my carpet cleaning needs"


Beverly Warren


"Prompt service. Did not have to wait for an appt.-came when it suited me."


Molly L.


“Very impressed, your company takes their time with the cleaning to give the best possible results. I have been very satisfied with the quickness in which you get on the job. I have called a few times at the last minute to have rental property cleaned and your company has always gotten to it right away. Not only are my carpets and furniture clean when you leave, but I feel like it was important to you when you were here cleaning that you achieve the best possible results. I never felt like you wanted to get in and out so you can get to the next job. That's important to me!”

Jill Schneider



"Very good, and they were nice. I was pleased with their work and would have them again. I have had my carpet cleaned many times but not this quick to dry. it was a very good job"


Dorothy P.



"I used them to clean my carpets last year, so I decided to have my duct work cleaned. They did a great job on that too. Ver reasonable prices and very nice, helpful technicians.....When my duct work was cleaned, Jason and Derek took the time to explain how my heating and A/C system worked. They showed me how the cleaning worked by putting plastic over the air vents so I could see how the vacuum was sucking. They changed my filters, and my broken dryer vent also. They even showed me how much came out of the ducts.  As a result, I seen much better air flow through the vents and no more lint on the clothes in the dryer."

Jim Wozniac


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