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Carpet Cleaning

Bring life back to any room by enhancing your carpets appeal. New Life Cleaners quality cleaning techniques will not only get your carpet cleaner, it will stay clean longer. We have innovated cutting edge cleaning secrets in combination with the industries most powerful truck mounted cleaning unit. Your carpet will be cleaned and rinsed with a solution over two-hundred degrees killing germs, bacteria, and other harmful pollutants.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Bring back you floors natural luster. Bring those dull, dingy, and lifeless hardwood floors back to life. No sanding. No fumes. By reheating your hardwood's protective polyurethane finish, New Life Cleaners can remove scratches and blemishes.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Spruce up your grout lines. Let New Life Cleaners truck mounted high pressure vortex wand blast impacted dirt and grime from your tile floors. A special pre-conditioning solution is applied to the ceramic tile. This will loosen stubborn spots and soils that household tub and tile cleaners cannot remove. The cleaning wand will create  scrubbing and rinsing action that reaches temperatures exceeding two-hundred degrees. The final result is tile and grout that looks new again.

Oriental Rug Cleaning & Washing

Restore your families heirloom treasure. New Life Cleaners state-of-the-art in-plant rug washing facility uses neutral cleaning agents and soft water to maximize cleaning results and the preservation of your rugs value. By combining old rug washing methods with today’s cutting edge cleaning techniques, we have created the ultimate service tailored for your rugs. Restore your rug today by removing all the ugly noticeable spots, brighten up those fringes, and bring back the original color when your rug was purchased new.

Fine Upholstery Cleaning

Revive and rejuvenate your upholstered fabric. New Life Cleaners test to determine the safest method of cleaning. All the areas will be pre-vacuumed with the truck mount to removed dry soils. *Dry soils subject ed to moisture can cause a permanent discoloration in the fabric.

A pre-conditioner with a neutral pH is thoroughly applied to break surface tension and breakdown fatty oils. All areas of the upholstery are hot water extracted, towel groomed, deodorized, and the re-application of the manufacturers protective finish. 

Air Duct Cleaning

Increase your homes air quality. New Life Cleaners air duct method utilizes a unique industry preferred method that places you HVAC system under negative pressure from a powerful vacuum (3500 CFM). This allows for maximum removal of years worth of built up dirt, dust, and debris from your ventilation system.

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